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A month of traveling is over, and a month of fun is ahead. I am so excited for April. Texas VegFest, Easter, and a free vacation are on the horizon. A few goals are starting to repeat as I try to continue to build new habits and routines now that I am home for a bit. March was mostly successful, but I’m looking forward to extending the time on a few important items.


March in Review:

  •  Research and select a photography course to take. (Learn) // Minimal action taken here, but I did decide on one to take. Looking like a summer goal on the horizon to complete!
  • Build list of recipe ideas. (Create) // Framework is in place, but still have some work to do on the content. Thankfully, this is going to be an ongoing list.
  • Keep run streak alive through a month of traveling. (Run) // This one got rough after repeated 4:00 AM treadmill dates, but the streak is 93 days and going strong!
  • Sign up for a Spring race. (Speed) // Last minute registered, got the husband on board, packed up the car, and drove to Dallas for 24 hours of Pi(e) Day fun with my favorite running buddy.
  • Surprise someone. (Slow down) // My surprise plans for the husbands birthday ended up with me telling him in advance, but we still had an epic weekend celebrating in our new city.

April Goals:

  • Develop 4 new recipes. (Create) // Time to get back in the kitchen and experiment with some fun food combinations.
  • Finish the Statesman Cap 10k strong. (Speed) // Two weeks from race day! Some shin pain derailed my scheduled training but still planning on racing my heart out next Sunday.
  • Do yoga every day. (Speed) // Post-race, the calendar is completely empty through the summer, so the goal is lots of strength and lots of yoga. Trying to build a new habit. And avoid future injuries.
  • Surprise someone. (Slow down) // Let’s see if I can actually keep a secret and surprise someone with something fun this month.
  • Turn off technology. (Be present) // Still haven’t mastered this in the slightest, and I do not like the addiction. No multitasking on the phone, no phone after 9:00 PM, and no screens of any kind (except maybe a movie theater) on Sundays. Ready, GO!

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