Let’s Do This! February

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January is over, and month #2 of 2015 is here. Let’s keep the momentum going!

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February Goals:

  • Start site redesign. (Refresh) // After a lot of research, I finally found a cleaner, more simple and streamlined theme for N&N. Most of it is actually already up, but I’ll be tweaking it all month until I get it just right.
  • Start and stick to Cap 10K training. (Speed) // In order to get faster, you have to put in the work. First big speed race is the Statesman Capitol 10,000 in April, and my training plan started February 1st.
  • Create and stick to nutrition plan for training. (Discipline) // Along with speed, getting faster means proper nutrition. No more sugar and alcohol habits leftover from the holidays. Back to my favorite whole food, plant-based Thrive diet.
  • Invite a friend out for coffee. (Slow down) // Another month to be intentional with relationship-building and setting down roots in my city.
  • Implement media free Sunday each weekend. (Be Present) // No computer, no phone, and even no DVR. Taking a whole day to refresh, relax, and gear up for another busy week.


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