Let’s Do This: January in Review

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How is the first month of 2015 already almost over? Time flies when you’re having fun (or non-stop traveling as January and February always are around here!) So how is the year starting out in regards to being Intentional? I think we can safely give this month an A-.


January Goals:

  1. Create 4 new recipes. (Create) // Had a fun month with smoothies:
  2. Run a sub-2 half marathon (Speed) // Made it 2 minutes closer, but still chasing this one.
  3. Commit to #writeandrun31. (Run) // 30 days and still going strong!
  4. Encourage someone. (Slow down) // Sent fun mail to two unsuspecting friends last week!
  5. Invite someone over for a meal. (Slow down) // Made new friends over fajitas and mango margaritas and officially christened our new place to dinner guests.
  6. Sign up for an Influence Network group. (Network) // My favorite part about this month. Cannot wait to build bonds with my new internet friends!

February is bringing yet more travel, a big deadline, fun new recipes, more speed, and a whole lot of Intention. Stay tuned!

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