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May was so so good and such a needed month of rest, peace, and planning. If you missed it, I shared a big life change, which will affect the blog in later months. We survived the Texas floods. And I am looking forward to another sabbatical month before life changes all over again. Goals for May got an A- : lots of intention, not as much completion, yet plenty of reward.


May in Review:

  • Complete 3 blog projects. (Refresh) // I finally found a printable recipe plug-in that works with my site design. Anyone like the easy to print feature so far for recipe posts? (Next two projects are still in the works…)
  • Develop 4 new recipes. (Create) // Dreaming of drier days, this month was full of potluck favorites. // Sweet Beet Smoothie // Artichoke and Spinach Risotto with Lemon Cashew Cream // Sweet Pea Pasta Salad // Peach Ginger Sangria
  • Practice yoga 3 days per week. (Speed) // Made it 4 days a week this month! An open schedule makes it much easier to get to. And different instructors each day make for completely different practices each day which keeps it interesting.
  • Invite a new friend to coffee. (Slow down) // Invitation sent but not executed. Hopefully soon!
  • Take a technology-free weekend. (Be present) // Life logistics made this difficult, but media-free Sundays did happen every weekend this month! Hooray!

June Goals:

  • Finish blog projects. (Refresh) // Fingers crossed these last two get done this month before life gets crazy.
  • Run 3 miles per day/15 miles per week. (Run) // Slowly adding mileage back this month and next to get ready for fall race training. On day #149 of the 2015 streak!
  • Focus on macros. (Discipline) // After doing a LOT of Body Pump, yoga, and Pilates in my free time, I’ve been gaining a lot more muscle but still lack the definition, which in part is due to diet. Starting to pay a little more attention to my carb/fat/protein ratios to lean out yet still have the energy stores I need to start running more again.
  • Host a dinner party. (Slow down) // Finally getting back to my hospitality roots and planning an evening of fellowship and fun with new friends.
  • Get out of town. (Slow down/Be present) // One trip is booked, another one is in the works. And the plan for both is to shut the phone off and leave the computer at home. Ready for a last hoorah of relaxing and fellowship before school starts.

2 responses

  • Stephanie, great goals! Have you done Lara Casey’s power sheets? They’re right up your alley if not! I need to get back to monthly goal setting like this. Sounds like a fabulous June is ahead of you!

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