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“You are brave, remarkable, and enough.”

March’s PowerSheet pep talk smacked me in the head the other day, and it’s stuck with me since. February was about a lot of fear for me. And fear drives me to procrastination. Being reminded that I have the capacity to do the things I am afraid of and that the outcome does not define who I am has been huge. March is a waiting month, where all those nagging fears can creep back in. This pep talk is going to be with me daily, reminding me that we can all do the hard things.


February in Review:

  • Start site redesign. (Refresh) // So happy this one is done!
  • Start and stick to Cap 10K training. (Speed) // Done and done! Had to move a few runs around with my schedule but they all happened! Another month to go before race day.
  • Create and stick to nutrition plan for training. (Discipline) // This was surprisingly easier than I thought. Hot chai tea at night does wonders to curb sugar cravings.
  • Invite a friend out for coffee. (Slow down) // Had a lovely breakfast for lunch date with a new friend last week. When you reach out of your comfort zone and invite someone to connect with you, remember that they probably need the community just as much as you do.
  • Implement media free Sunday each weekend. (Be Present) // Made it 50/50 on this one, which was pretty good considering I had to work two Sundays last month and had a huge project due one Sunday when I was home. But when I did turn everything off, it was so much fun. More media free days are definitely on the calendar.


March Goals:

  •  Research and select a photography course to take. (Learn) // Time to get started on a long-awaited goal, now that work travel will slow down next month.
  • Build list of recipe ideas. (Create) // I usually brainstorm recipes once I get my CSA shares, but I’d love to have a running list of ideas for inspiration and planning.
  • Keep run streak alive through a month of traveling. (Run) // Getting a workout in when you’re at the airport at 5:00 AM and a convention center until 10:00 PM can sometimes be rough. This month will have some creativity involved to get a mile in each day!
  • Sign up for a Spring race. (Speed) // I’d love to have another race besides the Cap 10k this Spring, and I’m not short on options. Time to choose one and commit!
  • Surprise someone. (Slow down) // Yes, this is vague. And yes, I have a few ideas. I think it will be fun to pick someone who might need a little fun and surprise them this month.

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