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After waiting and waiting for April to get here all year, it suddenly arrived, threw all it’s anticipation at me and disappeared as quickly as it arrived. And while it was a busy, exciting month, all the activities, travels, and life changes meant my plans took a backseat to the busyness that comes with big life changes actually happening. And then of course a free vacation to end the month meant barely even phones, let alone anything remotely productive (which was much needed). So while April’s goals get a B- for completion, it was definitely a good month.


April in Review:

  • Develop 4 new recipes. (Create) // Traveling made this a little difficult, but with all the spring bounty growing, it was hard to not make all the salads with this month’s CSA goodies. // Green Go Salad // Artichoke Chickpea Salad // Simple Spring Salad with Strawberry Mint Vinaigrette // Tropical Orange Goodness Smoothie
  • Finish the Statesman Cap 10k strong. (Speed) // Success! Didn’t make my time goal, but had a strong  and fun race.
  • Do yoga every day. (Speed) // This went great for about 1.5 weeks. My brain cannot let me focus on yoga at home. Especially in my office. And making time to fit it in was also difficult since I kept finding things that took precedent. I have been doing a morning 10 minute yoga/stretch routine that has been a perfect wake up, and that’s actually become (almost) a daily habit.
  • Surprise someone. (Slow down) // This one got lost in the craziness of the month and did not happen. Giving myself Grace and trying again later.
  • Turn off technology. (Be present) // I did WAY better on this one this month. Not perfect, but 90% successful. And 5 days on the beach without a computer and minimal phone time was also helpful to break the addiction.

May Goals:

  • Complete 3 blog projects. (Refresh) // Still updating, still growing. Will share more once this one is complete!
  • Develop 4 new recipes. (Create) // Spending more time in the kitchen this month to gear up for Summer. Lots of fun recipes coming in May.
  • Practice yoga 3 days per week. (Speed) // Every day was a lot, but 3 days a week this month is doable and I already built it into my schedule so I stick to it!
  • Invite a new friend to coffee. (Slow down) // With a little more free time on my hands this month, it’s time to get more intentional with relationships.
  • Take a technology-free weekend. (Be present) // A computer-free vacation was so freeing, that I am going to recreate it one weekend this month. Adios to the phone as well.

May is all about rest, fun projects, lots of gym time, and gearing up for a new routine. As much as I want to dive into it all right now, these goals will help me to slow down and take one thing at a time. One day at a time. And hopefully enjoy the break.

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