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Better late than never! Graduate school for my dietetic internship started this week, and my calendar is still a mess trying to fit everything in to a single day. You really learn where your priorities are when your time shrinks. June was thankfully a full month of rest, big decisions, and growth.


June in Review:

  • Finish blog projects. (Refresh) // Almost there! Working on updating the shop page to better reflect the blog’s goals as well as tweaking the other header pages.
  • Run 3 miles per day/15 miles per week. (Run) // Success! Been averaging 18-24 miles per week. Sadly, the run streak ended July 1st, which made me much more relieved than I expected. Once training starts, having a true rest day will be much needed.
  • Focus on macros. (Discipline) // This was super helpful in figuring out how my body responded to fuel after various workouts. A more dedicated post may come later once I understand this a little more for my body. But a higher fat, moderate carb and protein diet definitely works best for me.
  • Host a dinner party. (Slow down) // This got postponed until we move into our new house (!!) but is still on the calendar.
  • Get out of town. (Slow down/Be present) // Just got back from five days at Canyon Ranch, and it was heaven.


Goal Refresh:

July marks a big change in schedule, priorities, and intentions for me, so instead of sharing goals for this month, I am re-evaluating this year’s goals and updating them to reflect all the life change that has occurred in the past six months. Leaving a job, starting graduate school, buying a house, and entering a new decade have all given me pause for reflection and a slightly new direction.

Blog Goals:

  • Refresh. Complete a site redesign. This is already in the works, and I’m excited about learning more about the technology side of blogging. Still minor tweaks, but this is officially done!
  • Create. This is the year to focus intentional content and fresh recipes.
  • Learn. This is also the year I am determined to work on my photography skills.
  • Educate. As I begin my dietetic internship and complete my nutrition studies, I will be sharing more practical information for healthy living (as I am not yet an RD, all this information will be based on my own experiences. Always check with your doctor or RD on what is best for you!)

Running Goals:

  • Run. Every. Day. Yes, every day. Any other run streakers out there? Streak ended July 1 and won’t start up again until at least January of next year. This was unintentional but needed.
  • Speed. Getting back into racing this fall and looking forward to seeing how much faster I can get over past years in the same races.
  • Discipline. Cut out the junk. Get more disciplined about sugar and processed foods I let trickle in, especially during travel season. No more travel means this is so much easier to manage!
  • Strength. Continue with Body Pump, yoga, and group fitness classes to balance all the running and build lean muscle mass.
  • Community. As an introvert, solo running is my comfort zone. Time to branch out and share this love with friends and neighbors in a more intentional manner.

Personal Goals:

  • Slow down. Build a community, set down roots, and be intentional with people.
  • Be present. Remove distractions and see each day for what it is. Part of this means no internet on Sundays and intentionally resting. This is especially key now with school trying to consume all my time and energy.
  • Engage. Grow relationships through The Influence Network, school and work interactions, and our new neighborhood.


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