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Finally learning to LET GO is amazing. And HARD. Not only have I been not recipe creating or blogging this last month, I was also not running for most of July. The combination of not cooking and not moving was strange. But not really all that hard. Getting back into it? That’s been hard. It really does take a month for a habit to develop. And about three weeks for it to disappear. But a new season means new goals, fresh starts, and sweet expectations. Here’s where I’m working on going this month.


September Goals:

  • Get back in the kitchen! (Create) // Probably not going to make it up to once a week, but I’ve got a handful of fun recipes up my sleeve that I’d love to share before the month is over!
  • Kick up fall race training (Speed) // Working on getting some speed and endurance back just in time for the weather to cool down (hopefully!)
  • Run once a week with people (Community) // So many runners in my neighborhood! Trying to see how I can get some of them together for a weekly fun run.
  • Have people over, even though the house isn’t “ready” (Slow Down) // Intentionality isn’t perfect. It shows up.
  • Plan a “school-free” day (Be present) // Sundays have been my rest day, media free day, community day. They also now need to be a school/work free day.

Here’s to a month of re-building habits. (And Happy Vegan Month of Food to everyone participating this year!)

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