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Looking back on a year and seeing how far you’ve gone is always so cool to me. At the beginning of this year, I was working in Grand Cayman. Today, I am halfway through my dietetic internship. In between, I quit my job, was accepted into the internship program, bought a house, entered a new decade, and started school again. A year ago, I was terrified of being stuck, of not getting into an internship, of another year in the waiting period I’d been trying to be content in. Time can do so much good. I now get to immerse myself in the world of nutrition, sharing my passion for food and how food can heal. And 2016 is only going to bring more food-related fun and new beginnings. I cannot wait.


2015 was about Intentionality. Focusing on getting into an internship, cultivating good habits with my time, being mindful of others and myself. The schedule and stress of school wrecked a little havoc with my plans and goals, but Intentionality is also about knowing when to let go, to say no to busy, make time for rest. And now a new year brings a new start and new focus.


2015 Goals in Review:

Blog Goals:

  • Refresh. Complete a site redesign. // This was done pretty early in the year and has been such a refreshing change.
  • Create. This is the year to focus intentional content and fresh recipes. // Having clearly defined Neat and Nutritious content has helped me tailor my goals and ideas, and this is only continuing to evolve in 2016.
  • Learn. This is also the year I am determined to work on my photography skills. // This got put on hold this year but is still on the agenda!


Running Goals:

  • Run. Every. Day. Yes, every day. // Made it to July 1. Still debating if I am going to attempt this in 2016 or not.
  • Speed. Get faster and stronger. // Strong, yes. Faster, just barely. Instead of focusing on shorter races, I cut out races all together until the fall, when I signed up for the Austin Distance Challenge again.
  • Discipline. Cut out the junk. // This also went very well. Until house/moving/school started. I pretty much lived on caffeine and sugar this summer and am just now getting it back out of my system.


Personal Goals:

  • Slow down. Build a community, set down roots, and be intentional with people. // Yes and Yes! This has been my favorite part of this year.
  • Be present. Remove distractions and see each day for what it is. // No Media Sundays are HARD! But so, so good. Especially on weekends when the homework overflowed.
  • Network.  // I spent the latter part of this year being more focused and intentional on the organizations I give my time and energy to and cultivating relationships within those groups. As hard as networking always is for me, developing the connections that fuel my goals and passions is worth more than a resume builder.

On to a new year, fresh start, and more big changes and challenges!

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