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This year is the year of Intentionality. Doing everything with a specific focus and purpose. Being mindful of how I spend my days and what I prioritize. I am specifically focusing on Action and Moderation. Doing, yet not doing it all. Realizing I cannot do everything, but I can work on some things well. I have a lot of places I want to go in the coming years, and this year was spend waiting around, thinking that time would fix everything. Which it cannot without action.

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Here are the key things I am focusing on with intentionality this year:

Blog Goals:

  • Refresh. Complete a site redesign. This is already in the works, and I’m excited about learning more about the technology side of blogging.
  • Create. This is the year to focus intentional content and fresh recipes.
  • Learn. This is also the year I am determined to work on my photography skills.

Running Goals:

  • Run. Every. Day. Yes, every day. Any other run streakers out there?
  • Speed. Get faster and stronger. Hoping to do a lot more shorter races this year to see how fast I can get. And adding in a lot of strength through BodyPump and yoga.
  • Discipline. Cut out the junk. Get more disciplined about sugar and processed foods I let trickle in, especially during travel season.

Personal Goals:

  • Slow down. Build a community, set down roots, and be intentional with people.
  • Be present. Remove distractions and see each day for what it is. Part of this means no internet on Sundays and intentionally resting.
  • Network. I am mostly excited about joining The Influence Network and looking forward to how those relationships will help with all the other above goals.

And of course goals are just resolutions unless they have actions behind them. So each month, lets talk about the actions and moderation behind the intentionality.

January Goals:

  • Create 4 new recipes. (Create)
  • Run a sub-2 half marathon (Speed) – My big goal from 2014 is getting conquered this month.
  • Commit to #writeandrun31. (Run) – Building a daily running routine and getting in the habit of writing every day. Hey, it only takes 30 days to create a habit, right?
  • Encourage someone. (Slow down) 
  • Invite someone over for a meal. (Slow down) – We’ve lived in our condo for 7 months and our only visitors have been my family for Thanksgiving. Not what we are used to!
  • Sign up for an Influence Network group. (Network)

Anyone else have a key word for the year? How are you taking action to follow through on it in 2015?

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