No Distance Left to Run

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For a year, I’ve been dreaming about it. For 9 months I’ve been training for it. For a little under 5 months I raced for it. And this weekend I officially finished it.

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There is no better way to see Austin than through the Austin Distance Challenge. I ran all around town, uphill and down, through heat and freezing wind, and with the best cheering team a city could have. I am so thankful I took the risk and signed up for this now. It really was the best way to say farewell to this city.

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From October 2012 through February 2013, I raced a total of 87.2 miles in 16:07:54 hours, finishing 14th place in my age group.

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By the end, I was doubting I could finish. I was terrified of NOT finishing. There is nothing better than a huge physical challenge to test your mental and spiritual capacity. Running has always been more about being fit to me, and this challenge was definitely a battle I am proud to have won.

All 6 race recaps can be found here:

  1. Uptown Classic 10K
  2. Run for the Water 10 mile
  3. Decker Challenge Half Marathon
  4. 3M Half Marathon
  5. Rogue 30K
  6. Livestrong Austin Marathon

“Run now don’t you look back/Run towards the light straight ahead/Where the lost souls make a beautiful sound/And new life is finally found/Run”

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