November: Holiday Mixer

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Holiday season is here, and I am already feeling it. The temptation of indulgence is everywhere and it is easy to forego fitness for traveling, preparations, time with family, and meals. A good way to Stay Fit through the Holidays? Mix it up!


1. Strength training. Group strength classes are a great way to stay motivated during the holidays. Make a date to meet a friend so you actually go. Or incorporate mini strength sessions into your neighborhood route to keep it interesting.

2. Hills. When running outside (especially in Austin!) it’s easy to mix up your boring route with hills. Until you look silly running up and down the same hills over and over.

3. Treadmill intervals. If weather is forcing you indoors, make the treadmill miles pass quickly by doing pace intervals, either ladders of increasing speeds or random intervals. As soon as you know it, you’ll be done. And have a nice high heart rate and sweaty outfit.

4. Run for your Thanksgiving dinner. AKA the Turkey Trot. If my family wants me to cook for them all day (which I love and would do regardless, but motivation is always good!), they get to run with me first. Start a tradition with your family and friends and sign up for your local race. Or organize your own group run in the morning before you start the feast.

How do you mix up your training and stay motivated during the holidays?


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