October: Unplug

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While I do not consider myself dependent on gadgets, I do find it hard to go without them. Especially when I’m traveling or moving and do not have a pre-established route that I know. Sometimes having GPS is helpful in determining where you’re going and how fast (or slow) you need to go.

I’ve run races without looking at my watch until the end. I really like having a record of what I’ve done so I can track, improve, and celebrate progress. But it is also very easy to get dependent on them, even for easy, fun miles.

IMG_20140726_084444October’s Runners World goal was to Go Gadget-Free. Considering I was at the end of training for a marathon this month, I did not work on this goal this month. But I am going to do my best to see how I manage without technology as I ease back into running next week.

GPS/Watch: When you’re training and needing to know exact mileage, pace, distance, these things are great. When you’re trying to recover, complete an easy training run, or just having fun, they can be a mental burden.

As part of the Marine Corps Marathon weekend, I participated in a shakeout run and brunch. And promptly forgot my watch in the hotel room. While I was not a fan of having no clue what my pace was, the point of the run was to shakeout your legs, nerves, stress. Which without my watch, I did. Hopefully, next week it will get easier!

 Music: I always need music. I need a beat to distract me from how many miles I am running. But sometimes, it’s a distraction. When I run before the sun to beat the heat, I barely have the sound on so I can hear what’s going on around me. I’m going to start hitting the neighborhoods again next month instead of the gym in the early dawn hours, so leaving my iPod at home will be beneficial. Safety first!

Anyone else dependent on technology? How often do you unplug when running?


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