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I have no new recipes this week (unless you want more variations of Tex-mex). I have no menu planned for the upcoming week. I have no fun nutrition info to share. Schools starting back up for the husband, and I am back on the road, leaving our kitchen quiet. This past week has been a whirlwind of fun getting ready for our upcoming schedules and eating through the rest of our CSA share before a new one arrives.

1. We ate a variation of the same thing every night this week: fajita pepper nachos, taco salad, squash enchiladas, potato nachos, and leftover kitchen sink tacos. We also consumed our weight in avocados. If we keep this up, an intervention might be needed.

2. I finally registered for the last two races in the Austin Distance Challenge. I’d been debating doing the full or half Austin Marathon which would then determine if I did the 10k or 30k beforehand. After days of my brain saying wait and my body saying go for it, I went ahead and took the plunge. In February, I will hopefully gain redemption from last year’s injured and painful race. I will gladly welcome anyone crazy enough to run with me or come cheer me on!

3. Of course, AFTER I registered, my training this week gave me a crash course in what I had to look forward to…chafing, blisters, uncontrollable chills,  salt-loss headaches, and more. It looks like its time to get back in the habit of fueling my body properly for racing.

4. A trip to the office this week means baking! Thankful these treats came out or I would have had 3 dozen muffins to eat by myself.

5. Successfully hid this week’s eggplant in this delicious dip. Thankful for another easy and nutritious way to eat it up!

Looking forward to this week’s CSA delivery and next week’s menu. New fall produce is starting to appear!

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