January: Plan Your Year

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Of course, as soon as you finish any big race, the first question you get asked is “what’s next?” As soon as Disney was over, I was on such a runner’s high, I had to find something to do next that was just as fun and challenging. And since I will not get out of bed to run without a race to train for or a plan to follow, I immediately had to figure out my race plan for 2014.


Runner’s World has a cool month-by-month goal calendar that starts out with planning your race year in January. I am going to try to loosely follow their goals this year and see if I can get smarter and faster, focusing on one thing at a time, instead of every aspect of running all at once. So this weekend, I planned my year.

My racing partner in crime and I were already talking races, since we have to meet up and run at least one race a year together to stay in touch. An annual girls weekend with racing? Sign me up. We decided on SeaWheeze this year (if their registration system gets fixed!). And maybe Marine Corps or Chicago if we cave in and do another full. With that in mind, I put these plus all the local races I have been eyeing into my calendar, drafted up a training plan to see when I would have to start training for each race, and where they fell in relation to each other. The one thing I have to be really careful of is over-training. I would train all year and always have a race if I knew I could do it without getting hurt. But constantly training isn’t a good idea for anyone, so I tried to plan my race year smart, giving myself enough time to rest and recover before jumping in to another plan.


Here is my schedule, so far. Anyone that wants to race with me, let me know. The more, the merrier!

Marine Corps is a lottery, but the 17.75k race guarantees entry to the full. It will be a lot to travel to D.C. twice this year, but any excuse to visit and maybe run with my brother is a fun time. And the races are supposed to be along gorgeous routes through the city and historic rural areas.


I LOVED Bart Yasso’s Perfect 10 plan that I used for Disney, so I am going to follow it again for a spring half, and possibly fall marathon. I’m going to tackle the more challenging half plan, but stick to the same intermediate full schedule, since it was a little hard for me to stick to this last time around. I am definitely not ready yet for the next step up on the full.

The Thrive Diet also worked so well last time, I have been trying to stick to it a little more on an everyday basis. I preordered Brendan Brazier’s new book, the Thrive Energy Cookbook, so I’ll have a wider variety of recipes to cook from while I am training. The high fat, low carb plan is definitely what my body wants to perform well, so its a fun challenge to figure out around my crazy travel and work schedule.

I am excited about a fun racing year! And thankful for two more weeks of rest, easy runs, and lots of yoga before training starts up again!

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