Progress Not Perfection

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Another year coming to a close and another fresh one about to begin. While I agree that you shouldn’t wait for New Year’s to start new goals, I think the fresh year is a good reminder and a good place to reflect on what worked, what didn’t, and where you want to move ahead. This year was not what I expected it to be. There were a lot of struggles, challenges, hurdles to tackle. But at the end, I see growth. And progress is certainly better than perfection. Here’s a recap of how my 2014 goals played out this year.


Blog Goals:

  • GROW: Share more content, more sharing, more fun. Lots of fun content happened this year, including Runner’s World running goals, the Vegan Month of Food, and a dip into the Neat side of Neat & Nutritious.
  • CREATE: Get back in the kitchen and make good food. Weekly recipes came back, thanks to a little planning and a kickstart in September.
  • UPDATE: A site refresh is coming! While this is still in progress, a mini refresh in the form of a new blog logo and header did liven things up this fall.


Running Goals:

  • MILEAGE: Log 1500 miles. – Almost made this one. If you include elliptical-ling and cycling, I made it with 1512 miles. Strictly running, I have hit 1384 miles.
  • RACE: Complete 3rd full marathon (THIS SUNDAY!) – Not only PR’d by 5 minutes at Disney, but crushed that time by 20 minutes in marathon #4 this year.
  • SPEED: Run a sub 2:00 half marathon. – So close, but hilly Vancouver defeated me. Lining up for a redo in three weeks at 3M.


Personal Goals:

  • Be PRESENT. Stop planning, looking ahead, looking behind, connecting to technology. Live Today.Getting rid of my Google Calendar and switching to a paper Simplified Planner helped with this immensely. But still a work in progress.
  • Get INVOLVED. Build community. Be real. – Moving is a real good way to have to start over in terms of community and involvement. But I jumped back in and am trying to be real and intentional as we grow roots in Austin again.
  • Let GO. No more stress, no more anxiety. – This is a daily battle, and this year has definitely had its ups and downs. But my brain responds so much better than it did in 2013 to stress, changes, uncertainty. Even more growth and progress needed here in 2015.


2015 goals are being refined and will be shared next week. This year, I am going to be much more intentional about goals; setting them, accomplishing them, sharing them. Instead of just annual posts, they are going to be a monthly feature, similar to this year’s running goals.

Yesterday, I celebrated eight crazy, wonderful years with the husband. In those eight years, we’ve weathered eight moves, five cities, a couple of post-grad degrees, numerous job changes, countless flights, and enough frequent flyer miles for finally one vacation. Today, we are celebrating what we’ve survived, toasting what we’ve accomplished, and dreaming for what we want ahead.


Happy New Year!

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