Radishes: Small and Mighty

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Everyone has a list of foods they just do not like. Either by not ever having eaten it, trying it once in a really bad dish, or by just not liking it after trying it over and over (can anyone say okra?) Radishes were a food I tried once and just didn’t get. Thankfully, it keeps popping up in other recipes I have liked over the years, and I’ve now had it in CSA deliveries on a regular basis. Its crunchy, peppery flavor is perfect in salads, tacos, dips, and sandwiches. And with a few different varieties, there are countless ways to try this small but mighty vegetable.



Whether it’s the traditional white or red radish, Japanese daikon, watermelon radish, or Spanish black radish, this little root vegetable packs a lot of nutrition into each crunchy bite. A single radish comes in at just one calorie, and half a cup contains a whopping nine calories, along with a handful of fiber, folate, potassium, and a significant amount of vitamin C.


Radishes have a high water content, and are thus a very hydrating food. Their low-calorie and high fiber ratio aid in fullness, weight loss, and digestion. The high vitamin C content works to prevent and fight illness and disease. Their nutritional makeup also makes they a terrific detoxifying food, calming the digestive system, and purifying and soothing organs.


Give radishes another chance with one of these bright and flavorful recipes:

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