Simplify 2016: Kitchen

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Simplify 2016 is a new, monthly series designed to provide practical tips for how to live joyfully and fully in a busy world. Missed the first edition? Check it out here


This month’s Simplified focus is my favorite place in the house: the kitchen! I am all for fancy kitchen gadgets, pretty linens, decorative bakeware. But even if you love cooking and baking, like I do, you really don’t need 3 sets of muffin tins, two dozen dish towels, or 8 spatulas. Here are some tips from my recent kitchen overhaul.

  1. If it has only one function, get rid of it. My rule is anything I have in my kitchen must have multiple ways I can use it. A dishtowel can not only dry dishes but can also line a breadbasket or work as an oven mitt. A blender can make smoothies, sauces, soups, juice (a main reason why I don’t own a juicer!) An ice cream bowl can be a prep bowl, condiment dish for parties, or a candy dish. If you can’t find at least a second function for it, let it go.
  2. Organize things by how you use them. Glasses and stemware go by the fridge, cooking utensils by the oven, silverware near dishes. Make things easily accessible. Also, keep like things together. Put baking utensils in the drawer by the baking pans. Keep cookware and oven mitts by the stove with the cooking utensils. And that random cabinet or drawer that is in a weird spot (such as above the fridge)? If you don’t need it, leave it empty. It’s freeing. I promise.
  3. Collect things that are pretty. Don’t just go for the functional tools. Splurge on the fancy muffin tin, use the special occasion dishes. If you’re going to only have one of something, you might as well love it. And you might as well use it. Don’t let it collect dust waiting for a special occasion.

Happy Simplifying!

Got a spring cleaning itch? I’d love to hear how you’re simplifying your kitchens!

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