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Simplify 2016 is a new, monthly series designed to provide practical tips for how to live joyfully and fully in a busy world. Missed the last edition? Check it out here


Packing for any trip can be an endeavor. Packing for weeks of various activities, climates, and occasions can be even more daunting. But there is a simple formula I stick to, whether an overnight trip to hill country or a month-long overseas adventure.

  1. Lay out everything you think you need. And get rid of half. Yes, half. I promise you won’t need it all.
  2. Make sure every item can be pared with at least two other items. You don’t want to fill your suitcase with something that only goes with one specific item or will only be worn once.
  3. Pick a color palette. This will make step #2 WAY easier.
  4. Limit your bags to one small carry-on suitcase and one tote bag. if it doesn’t fit, don’t take it. (This will also help with steps #1 and #2).
  5. Wear as many layers as you can on the plane. Especially the bulkier items. I always wear a sweater or wrap, scarf, and jacket. This gives you a little more space in your bag. And also because planes are cold.


Any other helpful packing or travel tips to simplify the process and enjoy the trip?

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