Smarter & Stronger: 2016 Race Goals

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Last year was the first year where I took a “season” of training and then a period of rest. And my body definitely appreciated it. Living in Texas, it is convenient to train through the fall, winter, and spring, and use the hot summer months for rest and indoor strength and cross training work. This year, I am focusing on goals within each season, so that I can be better prepared for race time, and better utilize the off-season and actually rest appropriately.


2016 Goal #7 is to get stronger and faster. Push my body and brain to continue to improve and grow and build. And through that to cultivate gratitude that I have legs that can carry me, lungs to push me, and a mind that will get me to my goals. We aren’t guaranteed these things, especially as we age, so this year I am going work on being grateful for what I do have and not compare myself to those who are faster, or leaner, or better than me. Running is a race against my self. Year over year. No one else.

Goal: Run a sub-2:00 half.

Action: 3M is up first, but if this doesn’t happen, I will work again for this in the fall (probably Decker).

Goal: Run a marathon PR.

Action: Training for my A goal of a 4:30 race, but anything better than my 4:55 personal best is doable now.

Goal: Strength train 3 days a week during off-season.

Action: Body pump, circuit training, and yoga will be my primary avenues, and the goal is to take a nice long off-season from May through August this year.

Goal: Maintain 6 mile base // Log 2016 miles.

Action: Running every day is not something I feel my body is up for this year, but I am planning on sticking with it for fun, especially through May, to maintain an easy 6 mile base level of running fitness. 5.5 miles per day on average will end up at 2016 miles for the year.

Anyone else have big fitness goals in 2016? Make a plan, and get it done. You are stronger than you think!

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