Snap Peas: Sweet Spring

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To me, no other vegetable says spring like sugar snap peas. (Okay, asparagus may be a close second). Snap peas are bright, crunchy, sweet. A perfect seasonal addition to salads, stir fries, or hummus. These sweet green beauties need minimal prep, minimal cooking, and give a burst of freshness to just about anything.



A one cup serving of snap peas is full of vitamins A, C and K, iron, folate, and manganese.  At just about 40 calories, a cup packs 10% DV of fiber, making them a perfect healthy addition to any snack or meal. These little pods also contain a small amount of protein, sugars, potassium, and calcium, giving them a high nutrient density.


The vitamin content in snap peas provides a large number of health benefits to the body. Their high vitamin A content works to promote eye health, vitamin C builds immunity and collagen production, and vitamin K helps bone and brain health. Add the high fiber content that aids in weight loss and digestive health, and snap peas make out as an ideal choice to add to any diet.


Let the bright flavor of snap peas pop in one of these fresh Spring recipes:

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