So Close.

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Highlights from this weekend’s amazing adventure running the SeaWheeze Half Marathon:

1. Road-tripping through Washington state for five hours with your favorite running buddy = a for sure good time.

2. Getting up at 5:00 AM every day is easy when it means you get limited edition Lululemon gear.

3. Every race should do wristbands instead of bibs. So much easier.

4. Beyond thankful for hilly Austin and a training plan full of hill repeats.

5. Running through gorgeous Vancouver is a good way to forget about the pain in your legs.


6. Running too fast through a hilly course is painful.

7. Having no energy left to sprint at the end means you at least gave it all you got the whole way.

8. Any race that has watermelon at the finish is the best race ever.

9. Having Vega electrolytes on the course and coconut water at the end makes it over the top.

10. Still chasing my sub-2:00 goal (so close) … time to sign up for another!



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