April: Spring Clean Your Gear

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What is it about spring that incites the urge to clean, purge, and organize? I’ve been spending the month doing a lot of spring cleaning. Emptying out drawers, donating unused items, deep cleaning the pantry and fridge. Following my monthly running goals, I also took the chance to wash all my winter gear and store it away for the season. Of course, we will end up with one last deep freeze now, and I’ll have to dig it all out. But I was so tired of the biting cold and ready for warmer temps and the teasing weather we’ve been having. So away it all went.

Along with that, I took the chance to organize my gym clothes drawer. I used to have a shelf in the closet, but moving to a city with seasons caused my wardrobe to expand, and I now have a collection of items for any type of weather. You never know where what you will need. And so now I have an entire drawer. I went through and tossed all the stained, gross, well-used items; donated what no longer fit; and neatly piled what was left by item type for easy early morning grabbing.


A few tips for spring cleaning your gear:

  • If it’s stretched out, stained, or smelly, toss it. Chances are you aren’t wearing it anyway.
  • If it doesn’t fit, toss it. It may fit later, but it won’t make you feel better about your workout now.
  • Organize by seasons. I keep my tights with my thermal tops and hats and my tanks with my shorts. This makes it easy  to grab and go, especially when running outside
  • Keep all your “extra” gear in one spot. I have a container in my kitchen drawer where I keep my watch, sunglasses, ipod, water bottle, running buddy, and ID bracelet so I can easily find it when I am on my way out the door. I also keep my chargers here so I know where they are when I get back with a dead battery.

My energy and excitement level for early morning runs is now a little too high, knowing I have a fresh “new” set of gear for the season. It may be a little thing, but I will take whatever works to get me going when that alarm goes off. Now it’s time to start cranking up the speed for May!



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