Stone Soup

standard January 9, 2011 3 responses

Did anyone else do a play of the “Stone Soup” story in elementary school? That was the highlight of kindergarten for me.

Anyway, a cold and snowy week means a week of SOUP! I am experimenting with cooking dried beans instead of using canned ones since its cheaper and healthier.

I cooked 2 cups each of chickpeas, pinto beans, and black beans. Since they double in size when they soak, I ended up with 4 cups of each, so half went into the freezer for later. Cooking smart and being prepared!

Next I made 2 batches of soup. A lentil soup for Tuesday’s dinner and a Tuscan bean soup for tonight.  Definitely a good day for soup since it SNOWED here this morning! And now I also have plenty of leftovers so the husband has food while I am gone part of this week.

We are ready for a chilly week! 🙂

3 responses

  • Melinda

    You know, I am also very interested in making my own beans. I have always bought canned beans, but I want to cook my own. Oh, where to start….

    • Melinda

      Oh, and your lentil soup looks so good.

    • Cooking dried beans is REALLY easy! It just takes some time. You have to soak them in water for 6 hours (or overnight), and then cook them for another 2-3 hours before they’re ready to eat. I cooked a bunch so I could freeze them and have them ready to go. Much cheaper than canned beans! And less sodium 🙂

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