Swiss Chard: Rainbow Greens

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What a much needed break. Sometimes amid the chaos of life you just need to let something go. And occasionally, it’s this space. Gearing up for summer with lots of fun food, a return to running (albeit slowly), and a lot of life change.

Anyone a little tired of the kale craze yet? While I love it and continue to buy it 3 or 4 bunches at a time, it is nice to see a little variation in greens in my CSA delivery. And there are SO MANY other leafy greens out there, full of nutrition, flavor, and variety.

Swiss chard is my current favorite green. Most commonly found with a deep red stem, or in a rainbow of hues, both the leaves and the stem are perfectly edible to cook with. Nothing left to waste! With a smoother, softer, leaf than kale, chard is delicious shredded raw in salads or wilted down in cooked dishes. The stems do take more time to get tender, so toss them in the pan first to give them a little extra time to soften.


Like other dark, leafy greens, swiss chard packs a ton of nutrition into very few calories, making them a perfect filler for any meal. One cup of raw chard has just 7 calories, no fat, minimal protein, and lots of fiber. One cup of these colorful greens also contains at decent amount of magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron, and copper. And with over 40% DV of vitamin A and almost 20% DV of vitamin C, you’re guaranteed to get the fuel needed for healthy, active lives.


The high mineral content in these colorful stems aids in lowering blood pressure. Their chlorophyll-rich leaves provide cancer-fighting nutrients. Chard also contains nitrates, similar to beets, that helps to improve athletic performance. And the combination of calcium and vitamin K supports bone health.


Switch up your greens routine with some vibrant swiss chard in one of these summer-friendly recipes:

What are your favorite ways to add more leafy greens into your meals this summer?

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