April Absence

standard April 23, 2011 1 response

Yikes! April is almost over, and I feel like it just started! My lack of April posting (due to LOTS of travel for work) is coupled with a lack of running. And my parents are coming on Thursday so my mother and I can run our first half-marathon next Sunday. Next Sunday! Oh boy.

At least we’ve been eating well. Lots of salads. Lots of raw vegan meals, which was not intentionally planned, but my body is loving! Salad can easily become a filling meal if you build it right: start with a nutrient-dense leafy green like kale or spinach and add a protein, a colorful veggie, and a healthy fat. Easy as pie. I’ve been tossing chickpeas with broccoli and avocado, dressed with a little hemp oil and balsamic vinegar. Delicious and VERY filling!

We are now cutting our grocery budget in half, so we are definitely going to be eating more seasonal produce, and making more things from scratch so that we can keep eating well within a tight budget. Sprouting is something I started this week as an easy and cheap way to get more protein. I started with lentils, and it’s working! Now I can toss a handful of these onto my salad this weekend.

Banana ice cream is also a cheap yet healthy treat that we’ve been enjoying a lot of lately! Blended with some vegan chocolate chips and frozen strawberries – yum!

Mom is coming down early for our race so that we can get up absurdly early on Friday morning and watch the Royal Wedding. I  am going to try to get up to make us pumpkin scones. Definitely a delicious (and appropriate for the occasion) incentive to wake up at 3:30 am!

That was an eclectic roundup. New treats are definitely coming soon! Budget cutting equals creative cooking and (hopefully) fun new recipes. 🙂

Happy Easter!