Five Pounds

standard November 11, 2012 Leave a response

How much lettuce can you eat in a week? That was the question I got to quickly answer as I realized I had purchased a pound of greens at the store the day before I received four pounds of kale, arugula, and bok choy in my CSA share. Oops.

I usually go through greens really fast, so on Tuesday it didn’t seem like a lot on hand. By Friday I still had three pounds to go. And I was going out of town on Monday. What to do?

All the bok choy got sautéed down into a variation of this dish.

Kale and the store-bought greens got stuffed into my blender each morning. My poor Cuisinart didn’t know what to do.

The arugula went toward this salad. Which I didn’t know when to even eat, since I had already made an entire batch of this salad and had 8 cups of shaved Brussels sprout goodness to chomp through. Way to plan ahead on that one.

Anything leftover got sautéed down and added to a quick pasta dish. Thankfully I had leftover sauce in the freezer from making this dish a while back, and was able to make a quick nutrient dense meal to finish off all those greens.

Definitely a close call. Now off to another week of bad hotel food, excess coffee, protein bars, and green juice. I bet I’ll be missing all these greens by the end of the week!