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Disclaimer: I was gifted a copy of The Veginner’s Cookbook in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links. Purchases from these links may result in a small commission used to support  Thank you for supporting businesses that support Neat & Nutritious!


Spoiler alert: I absolutely LOVE this book! I was graciously given a copy to review back in January, and it’s already showing the lovely wear of living on the kitchen counter by the stove.

Bianca Haun and Sascha Naderer are the pair behind Elephantastic Vegan, a food blog that hosts a wealth of easy and delicious plant-based recipes. Their book, The Veginner’s Cookbook: The Ultimate Starter Guide for New Vegans and the Veg-Curious is truly a one-stop resource for those looking to transition to a plant-based diet but are not sure where to start. Recipes are familiar and approachable. There are not a bunch of fancy cooking tools or ingredients needed. It’s just everyday, good, and good for you food.

Why do I love this book so much?

  • The recipes are simple, yet flavorful.  My grocery list wasn’t outrageously long or filled with ingredients I did not usually purchase or have on hand.  With some recipes, I wondered how they would come out with so few ingredients, but every single thing I made was delicious. Some of my favorites were the fluffy blueberry pancakes, creamy avocado pasta, and cheesy tex mex wraps (honestly anything that used their basic vegan cheese sauce was divine).
  • It is family friendly. My husband and my 11 month old ate everything I made. Yup, these recipes are even baby led weaning approved! The only change I made to recipes was omitting any salt that a recipe might have called for. And honestly, most recipes don’t use that much to begin with. My daughter’s favorites were  the strawberry chia jam, healthy breakfast muffins, and african peanut stew.
  • It’s not just for “Veginners.” I’ve followed a plant-based diet for over 8 years now, and these recipes were all appealing to me. Yes, I have made variations of some of them in the past and am familiar with the cooking methods and preparations. But I did not find these recipes to be overly simplistic or basic or boring. I happily made everything on the extensive list I compiled as soon as I opened up the book. They also dive into homemade bread making, which I have to say, generally terrifies me, even though I have made my own bread before (a phase that was delicious and time-consuming!)

The Veginner’s Cookbook includes:

  • 75+ veginner-friendly and well-tested recipes (80% are exclusive, never-seen-before recipes) from all categories, such as basics, breakfast foods, soups, main meals, breads, snacks and party foods, sauces and dressings and of course: desserts.
  • Bianca’s Kitchen Hacks helps you find out some tricks and shortcuts for the vegan cook. Cooking is not your strong suit? That’s okay, articles such as ‘How to spot the perfectly ripe avocado’ and ‘How not to explode soup all over your kitchen when mixing hot liquids in a blender’ are here to help!
  • A list of essential pantry, freezer and fridge staples for new vegans
  • Helpful articles for Veginners, such as ‘How to avoid disputing your dietary preferences.’

Since I love this book so much, I have decided to give one away to a lucky reader! You can also snag a copy for yourself or a friend over on Amazon.

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Best of luck and have a delicious weekend!

Recipe images Copyright 2018 by Bianca Haun and Sascha Naderer.

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