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After a few months hiatus, I am heading back out for a conference this week. Since I get asked all the time about how I eat healthy while traveling, I thought I’d document my packing process for this trip.


  • I ALWAYS carry-on my luggage. I’m not taking any chances with something getting lost.
  • Make-up and skin care samples stay packed in my Mary Kay quart zip bag so everything is always ready and airport approved.
  • Jewelry goes in a box in my shoe so it doesn’t get lost and saves space.
  • Show uniform is a work polo and dress pants so I add a few tops for going out to dinner and two pairs of shoes that go with everything. Sticking to a neutral color palate is key to getting fewer items that can mix & match.


  • The only time I buy instant oatmeal is when I travel. It is so convenient and can be made with the hot water from the hotel room’s coffeemaker. Just remember to pack a spoon! I also like to pack a banana and some peanut butter to mix in. You can buy single servings of pb or you can just put some in a snack bag and stash it in your quart zip bag with your toiletries.
  • Granola or protein bars are also a must pack item. I rarely get time to eat lunch when I am on the exhibit floor, and airports do not always have the best food options, so I like to always have something in my bag if I need it.
  • Before I leave for a trip, I check out the dining options in my hotel as well as the local restaurants around the convention center. That way I know ahead of time where there will be vegetarian options and can plan my meals accordingly. Sometimes there are even grocery or convenience stores nearby, so I can pick up a few fresh fruits and veggies to snack on in my room.


  • Bring an empty water bottle that you can fill once you get through airport security. I have found that most airports are fine with my water bottle in my bag as long as I take the lid off so they can see it is empty when it goes through the scanner. I also bring electrolyte tabs to put in my water to help with the taste as well as keeping me healthy and properly hydrated through all the traveling and running around at the show.
  • I also get ice first thing after I check in to my room. Aside from being able to have ice water, once the ice melts, the water is usually better than what you’d get out of the tap, and you can keep your bottle filled without having to go buy water.

It takes some planning in advance, but it’s always worth it. Once I get to a show, its is always go, go, go. I don’t have time to worry about not having something I can eat, and if my option is junk food or go hungry, I’d rather go hungry. Now that I’ve done this a few times, I’ve got a packing routine down and a list to check off as I get everything together, which has made my frequent flights something I can look forward to instead of stressing over.

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