Veggie Cravings

standard September 30, 2012 Leave a response

Even though we used to buy the same amount of produce we are now getting from our CSA, I feel like we’re eating way more vegetables. There is always something about to get soft or go bad that we are in a mad scramble to eat up so it doesn’t go to waste. I find myself making meals loaded with different types of veggies, and the more we eat these meals, the more I crave them. It makes me insanely happy to discover I can make offhand delicious meals from a random assortment of produce. I now look forward to the challenge each week.

This weekend we had more squash and eggplant, along with radishes, apples, arugula, butter lettuce, peppers, sweet potatoes, and sweet corn. Plus, the husband had brought home a few gluten-free pizza crusts from a local bakery he was working on a school project with. So last night we had a make-your-own pizza feast. Sauteed squash and peppers for toppings, and side salads of arugula tossed with apples, radishes, and pumpkin seeds. Simple and delicious.

Tonight is another veggie feast of eggplant burgers, grilled corn, and roasted sweet potato fries. After all this rain and gloom, we need a dose of summer. Good thing it’s still warm enough to grill here in Texas!

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