Weekend in Pictures

standard November 21, 2010 1 response

Yesterday I did this:

(10.05 miles in 1:47, 1105 calories burned)

Then I came home and ate this:

(That would be a Kale Green Monster + pancakes with maple syrup, cranberry peanut butter and apple butter. The pancakes had chopped walnuts, oatmeal, and nutmeg in the batter. best.pancake.ever.)

And today I turned this:

Into this:

Now I am all prepped for the week + Thanksgiving! I’ve got my game plan ready for cooking on Wednesday and Thursday to get everything ready.  And I am way too excited about all the dishes I am making!

1 response

  • Melinda

    Those vegetables look like you have a garden in your backyard. You are so good at food prep and planning. Thing I want to do better.

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