Weekly Menu: Cayman Adventures

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Sometimes my job gives me a pretty good event. This week it’s the Cayman Islands for a week-long internal corporate trip. I went and visited the event property last May and was really surprised by the sheer number of vegetarian and vegan-friendly food options available. Who knew Grand Cayman was a vegan hot spot?


Here are some fun spots to check out if you make your way to this quaint little island:

  • Island Naturals Cafe – With a mix of smoothies, juices, acai bowls, and lunch items, this place has almost everything for a healthy day of eats.
  • Agua – This inviting little spot has a small, but delicious dedicated vegan menu. Yes, please!
  • Bread & Chocolate – My event sales manager looped me in to this all-vegan gem. It’s a little tucked-in restaurant in the middle of the George Town bustle but definitely worth a stop!

Also, it needs to be mentioned that the Marriott Beach Resort not only blends their own juices fresh each day, they also brew their own kombucha on site. Definitely a must to stop and check out!

Anyone been to the Cayman Islands? Must-try restaurants while I’m here?

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