Weekly Menu: Green Fever

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Spring is upon us, which means all the green things are blooming and growing and ready to be enjoyed! I don’t know about you, but unless I have my daily dose of greens, I don’t feel as though I ate well that day. There’s just something about bright, vibrant green veggies (and fruits!) that make us feel even better when we eat them. This week’s menu is about maximizing all the green produce popping up in the markets this month, so we can gear up for a healthy week ahead.

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  1. Dice, chop, shred! Prep squash, cabbage, carrots, chard, kale, and peas for easy cooking and snacking for the week.
  2. If using dried beans, cook 2 cups each black and adzuki for tacos and power bowls.
  3. Make butternut sauce, citrus vinaigrette, and power bowl sauce and store in fridge.



  • Monday: Butternut mac and beet salad
  • Tuesday: Black bean tacos
  • Wednesday: Green goodness power bowl
  • Thursday: Leftover butternut mac
  • Friday: Bangkok coconut curry noodle bowl

Lunches: Beet and carrot salad with leftover beans or quinoa.

Breakfasts: Green smoothies, of course! Check out here and here for some of my favorites. I’ve also been on a kick with this one lately.

Have a tasty and green-filled week!


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  • Um your week in food sounds AMAZING! I may have to use this meal plan soon! 🙂

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