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This month has gotten off to a BUSY start. Work travels, project deadlines, big decisions. Last week I had to give myself grace. Grace to let something go so I could do other things well. So thank you for your patience through last week’s silence. I am beyond thankful for a little break this past weekend and a much lighter load the rest of this month. Back to normally scheduled programming!

Traveling really makes me miss menu planning and cooking. Yes, it is nice to let someone else do it for you, but there is only so much hotel and airport food you can handle after a while. And I just love cooking, even for just myself. It’s calming. It’s comforting. And it’s just plain fun.

This week I am finally getting into one of my favorite cookbooks, Isa Does It. I am pretty sure Isa Chandra Moskowitz can do no wrong when it comes to vegan cooking. Even if the recipe sounds weird, it turns out delicious. You just have to trust her.

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This week’s eats:

  • Monday: Red Curry Soup // I am always up for a new way to enjoy curry!
  • Tuesday: Queso Blanco Bowl // Vegan cheesy goodness is a must this week.
  • Wednesday: Black Eyed Pea and Collard Tacos // Because Tacos.
  • Thursday: Chana Masala // Might as well stick with the Indian-Mexican theme?
  • Friday: Spinach and Black Bean Burrito Bowl // Simple comfort food. And better than our usual weekend Chipotle run.

Breakfasts are my ever-loving smoothies. I am still on a 365 Vegan Smoothies kick. So simple, yet so good. And nothing beats Isa’s recipes for lunch leftovers. I am going to enjoy every bite of this week before jet-setting off on another trip!

Anyone have any favorite Isa recipes? Mine is hands down her Roasted Butternut Alfredo. So divine.


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