Weekly Menu: Meal Planning Starter Guide

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My weekly menus still consist of smoothies on repeat, lots of crunchy apples and peanut butter, and cereal dinners. So instead of writing up a meal plan to post that I will not even use, I thought I would share some of the tips and tricks and resources I have used over the years to make meal planning easy and actually fun. Yes, FUN!

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Most of us like the idea of meal planning but the execution is just too daunting most weeks. After a long week of work and appointments and activities, the weekend is for house chores, more activities, and hopefully some relaxation. Not sitting down with a grocery list or trekking to the store to fight checkout lines with everyone else in town. So how can you still have a week’s worth of healthy meals for you and your family ready without sacrificing a lot of effort or precious weekend time?

Check out my 4 essential tips here.


Brand new to meal planning and have no idea where to even start? Here are a few ways to make the process easy and fun for newbies and veterans alike.

Meal Planning: Where Do I Start?

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A brand-new, fun, fall Weekly Menu will hopefully be coming next week! (Along with a new CSA box, hooray!)

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