Weekly Menu: Minneapolis Limitations

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Time for a new look! I’ve been working on a long overdue site update for a little while, and after the response to Thursday’s minimalist post, I realized it was time to get it up. And more simplicity posts are on the way! This week I am on the road again. And instead of a usual weekly menu post, I thought I’d share some of my lessons learned for  vegan eats on the run.


Traveling to Minneapolis for work is one of my least favorite trips, in terms of food. While the city and neighboring areas have quite a few vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants, my office is in the middle of a concrete oasis of office parks, highways, and commuter hotels. Thank goodness for almond butter packets and Vega bars. Here are some of my tips for getting healthy food and enough calories when food options are limited.


1. Do your research. Look up what is in the area in advance, so if a group goes somewhere, you know ahead of time what you’re dealing with. If your colleagues know you have specific dietary needs, you will be prepared to suggest a location that works for everyone.

2. Mix and match. Look at the side items, appetizers, and salads. Usually there is a combination of smaller plates that can be ordered to make a decent veggie-filled meal.

3. Double it. Some places only have salads meant as starters, and are only considered “meal sized” if an animal protein is added. Ask for two on one plate. Sometimes restaurants can accommodate it, sometimes they get really confused. But if they can do it, it’s an easy way to get a meal sized portion without the meat.

4. Ask. Many restaurants are trained and prepared to deal with dietary needs. Even if you don’t see something on the menu, ask your server if the chef can make you a custom meal. Most restaurants are very nice about this, and I’ve even had the chef come out to confirm what I would like and need.

5. Bring your own. My suitcase is almost always half food/half clothing. I find myself snacking on multiple small “meals” throughout the day when I am traveling since most meals are not the portions I am used to at home. Stuck with a side salad for lunch? Round it out with an apple from the breakfast bar and almond butter. Or hummus and veggies. Or a protein bar (my go-to standby).


What are some of your tips for eating healthy on the road?


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