Weekly Menu: Spring Reset

standard March 30, 2015 Leave a response

Sometimes you just need to press Pause. Reset. Start over. Lose the junk that’s creeped in over the past months. Focus on why you have the goals you do. Make sure they’re still the right goals. And then get going again. This week I am doing all of the above with both my diet and my training. And after the Cap 10k, there’s going to be a long overdue break. My body is weary. In need of recharging, resetting, refreshing. Just in time for summer.


This week’s meals are some of my favorite reset foods. Loaded with greens, veggies, and fats, these recipes are exactly what you need to get a kick in your step and press Go.




 Anyone else ready for a Spring Reset? What are your go-to meals when craving a diet refresh?

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