Weekly Menu: The Packed Lunch

standard October 5, 2015 1 response

After years of meal planning, I’ve never really had to worry about what’s for lunch. Working from home gave me plenty of time to mix up whatever I needed. And even now with packing a lunch every day, I still always have a plan for quick and appetizing meals. But so many people have commented to me recently about the struggle for coming up with lunch ideas. Whether they are just bored with their routine or they simply have no clue what they will have to pack, there is a real struggle out there. So I thought I’d share some easy, quick, nutritious ideas to change-up the boring salad or peanut butter sandwich routine.


  1. Pumpkin Dal 
  2. Kale and Brussels Sprout Caesar Slaw with Pine Nut “Parm” // The First Mess
  3. Root Vegetable Hash with Avocado Cream
  4. West African Peanut Soup // Cookie + Kate
  5. Ultimate 4 Layer Vegan Sandwich // Oh She Glows
  6. Mexican Noodle Soup
  7. Southwest Tofu Scramble // Minimalist Baker
  8. Sweet Pea Pasta Salad 
  9. Strawberry Basil Smashed Avocado Toast // Love + Lemons
  10. Sweet Potato Lentil Curry

Happy lunching!

1 response

  • stevan

    I’m looking forward to making Mexican Noodle Soup and a happy to have found your other recipes!

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