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At the end of week 7, I am a little more than halfway through the Thrive 12 week meal plan. I’ve definitely noticed significant benefits in more areas of my life than I expected. In addition to the running benefits, I have more energy, sleep better, and am better focused during the workday. I have less muscle fatigue and recovery time. I’ve also noticed a huge benefit from adding yoga into my routine, namely how I breathe when running, but that’s a discussion for another day.

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Thrive advocates a plant-based diet specifically for all these benefits I’ve noticed. By creating an alkaline body, my body is better able to recover from the stress of training. The hormones that trigger biological responses for sleep, focus, and immune function are released. Proper nourishment from foods provide optimal energy and recovery. It is amazing how perfectly our body functions for our benefit, especially when we treat it right and feed it properly.

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In addition to the Thrive book, Brendan Brazier’s Thrive Forward program has been a great resource in understanding how a plant-based diet benefits athletic performance.  It is really cool to see the connection between what someone says will happen and the results I actually see in my training. I am really excited that they launched Thrive Kitchen this week as another component of the program. The site has a ton of delicious new recipes and nutrition information to those seeking out the how and why of switching to a plant-based diet. After 7 weeks of the same recipes, I splurged and made Thrive Chili instead of a couple of planned weekend meals. With a suddenly cool weekend, it was a perfect fall comfort food meal. I highly recommend you check out the site if you are looking for athletic nutrition or even just recipes for an everyday healthy lifestyle.

Disclaimer: I am not sharing these resources out of any affiliation or obligation. I just really love them and enjoy sharing things that I find helpful, easy, and delicious!

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