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“The goals we choose determine how we live.”

I read this recently, and it really stood out at me. I am on the road a lot. And its easy to skip training, sleep an extra hour, eat out everyday. instead of complaining about losing my routine, I’ve been trying to create a new travel routine, using guidelines and goals I know I can stick to.

Back when we moved and my schedule got really out of hand with traveling and boxes and buying furniture, we took on a mini detox. Two days, because I didn’t get to the store early enough. And I didn’t think we’d make it that long. I’d been hesitant of the whole juice cleanse thing, but when I saw a whole food juice detox, I decided to give it a shot. I put the plan into MyFitnessPal to make sure it was enough calories, protein, fat, and carbs for us. And then we jumped right in.


While we barely made it the two days, I decided a couple of weeks ago to try it again. The travel and eating out was just getting to me too much. I scheduled it to start AFTER my long run for the week, so I wouldn’t be dying of starvation. And I added a Thrive shake, running fuel (larabars, coconut water, Nuun), and the freedom to eat anything else I needed as long as it was a food in the detox. A little backwards, but I still had to run, and I still had to fuel my body. It was mainly a way for me to follow a super easy meal plan for a few days in between work trips. No extra food to eat up, no in-depth prep and cooking. Just blending.

It was seriously easier the second time. I actually enjoyed the food, and the ease of it. I got really hungry for real food at dinner the first night, but was fine the next two days. I might even incorporate the shakes into my everyday routine, they were that good. I think the whole Thrive experiment changed my perspective. And my taste buds. Neither of us could handle one of the shakes during the first round, and this time I realized it was my favorite. Who knew.

If you’re interested, you can find the plan here: 3 Day Detox

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